Vocational Rehabilitation


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Vocational Rehabilitation provides many key services that result in injured workers returning to work quickly with temporary work assignments. Reassignment and retraining after an injury allows the employee to continue to perform part of their regular work while they are healing. The success of temporary assignments comes from a thorough Job Task Analysis. A Job Task Analysis outlines specific functions required to perform the work. By modifying the whole job into parts, the worker is still able to perform tasks that keep the employee more positive during recovery. Establishing a Return to Work plan is the key. The plan must be communicated to all parties involved in the injured worker’s care to help the employee work towards full duty. Vocational Rehab evaluation and recommendations provide the turning point for quicker recovery and reduced labor costs. The negative event of an injury takes an upward turn with temporary alternative work assignments. Appropriate modifications to his/her regular job will likely improve the employee’s recovery by keeping him/her productive.



Services Provided

Vocational Assessment

Critical Job Analysis

Labor Market Survey

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transitional Work Analysis

Ergonomic Evaluation

Team Members

Sugi Komarov, MSRC, MSW, CRC, CEAS, CCM


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