We always care about the feedback from our customers. Here are some recommendations we have received in the past.

“… The nurses were aggressive, proactive, knowledgeable and very dependable. I was impressed with ProActive Partners and my Client was impressed with them as well. They were so impressed with ProActive Partners, that the Client made them the preferred vendor on their account.”

Regional Account Executive

“… I was so impressed with the nurses that when I moved to a new organization, I immediately looked to continue the relationship and have them as the designated nurse case management provider on our Workers’ Compensation Program. I have found that the nurses through ProActive Partners are more effective and have not only saved the company money in nursing fees and medical costs; they have helped shorten the disability days of our employees. They’re able to facilitate the appropriate care and concern to our injured employees while still being professional and proactive.”

Safety and Risk Claims Administrator

“… I have found the nurses at ProActive Partners to be well-informed with different state laws and very effective in their communications with our injured workers, medical providers, and adjusters. The nurse case managers are persistent in scheduling appointments and obtaining medical records. They are empathetic with our injured workers and thorough in their reports to the adjusters and me. Finally, the nurses have not only saved money in nursing fees and medical costs but they have also helped to decrease the injured workers’ lost time….”

Injury Specialist

” … ProActive is so good at what they do that when I recently came on board at [this company], I immediately brought them into the current workers compensation program here. I have found that the telephonic nurses have been more effective than field nurse case management and they have not only saved the company money on nursing fees, they have help to shorten the disability days of our employees. They are able to provide comfort, concern and care to our injured workers while staying firm with the compliance of the employer’s workers compensation program as well as state laws. …”

Workers Compensation Manager

“When it comes to NCM in the state of Texas, ProActive Partners, is my go-to for all NCM Services.

I feel that when I make the referral, that all that is expected from NCM will be taken care of from the get-go. …

In today’s world, when everyone is cutting corners, you won’t see that in the services from ProActive Partners.  It’s always the same, consistent, professional and a job well done.”

Senior Claims Adjuster

“ProActive Partners are definitely PROACTIVE! Absolutely love working with their Nurse Case Managers to bring files to closure! We definitely recommend ProActive Partners for any Nurse Case Management needs!” 

Sr. Non-Subscriber Adjuster

“I exclusively use and recommend ProActive Partners for any problematic workers’ compensation claims that we encounter.  The referral process is quick and easy and they provide exceptional service and quick resolutions for our clients.”

Claims Specialist III