Field Case Management

Your Partner in Injury Resolution

Our Core Business

We pride ourselves in the education and experience level of our Case Managers. All of our Case Managers are CCM Certified with over 20 years’ experience.

We actively collaborate with you in setting high standards for recommending the appropriate level of care for the injured worker. Our CCM certified nurses strive to connect your workers with quality physicians. The RTW process is coordinated persistently until resolution.


ProActive Partners is available 365 days a year. We provide Bilingual Field Case Management (FCM) and Catastrophic coverage from Oklahoma City to Austin, Texas and from West Texas to Dallas/Ft. Worth and from East Texas to the Shreveport, Louisiana area. We also provide coverage in Mississippi.

We cover each case from clinic or hospital to their home as part of our standard of care. At the request of clients, our highly trained Bilingual Nurse Case Managers may travel to additional states to assist in the care and or transfer of your injured workers.