The five leading causes of workplace injuries accounted for about 65% of workers compensation costs in 2012. Overexertion – or injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing – was the top cause of workplace injury in 2012, representing 25.3% of the top 10 work hazards and costing U.S. businesses $15.1 billion.
Rounding out the top five causes of workplace injuries were falls on the same level, being struck by an object or equipment, falls to a lower level, and other exertions or bodily reactions. Falls on the same level cost $9.19 billion in 2012, while falls to a lower level cost $5.12 billion, according to the index.

Roadway incidents involving motorized vehicles ranked sixth on the list, costing U.S. businesses $3.18 billion in 2012 and accounting for 5.3% of the 10 leading causes of workplace injury, according to the research.
OSHA provides safety and health information bulletins (SHIBS) to assist employers with safety training, along with OSHA Fact Sheets, i.e. Lockout/Tagout, and Machine Guarding Checklist.
OSHA cited a July 2014 incident in which a worker lost three fingers while operating a dangerous woodworking machine without the required safety mechanisms in place.
OSHA found the privately held company did not take the necessary steps to protect its workers from being injured by moving machine parts. The agency said the firm also did not prevent machines from unintentionally starting when workers were performing tooling and blade changes on woodworking machinery, and also failed to provide adequate safety mechanisms to prevent contact with those moving parts.
Encourage employees to “Think Safety” at work and at home. Allowing employee participation to improve safety in the work place may provide more awareness for a safer home environment which is the best for everyone. Remember, safety should be a 24/7 employee awareness.
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