Based on results of comparative treatment research and outcomes, Uncle Sam’s booklet discusses one of the most common work related injuries that we deal with consistently…the rotator cuff.

There are three types of surgeries to repair the rotator cuff in the shoulder:
  1. Arthroscopic Surgery: A surgeon makes small openings (cuts in the muscles of the shoulder) using a device called an “arthroscope” with a camera attached to repair the tear.
  2. Open Surgery: A larger opening is made into the muscles and the surgeon uses regular instruments to repair the tear.
  3. Mini-open: The surgeon uses an arthroscope first. Then he proceeds to make an opening large enough to use other surgical instruments for the repair. This opening is usually smaller than the “open” surgery procedure.

And the survey (studies) said:

  • There is no difference between the open, mini-open, and arthroscopic types of surgery in the improvement of shoulder function. However, the arthroscopic surgery has a faster recovery time.
  • The most common problems were infection and re-tears.
  • Most of the Doctors agreed a person should have rehabilitation therapy after surgery but there was not enough evidence to show which type of therapy is best.

Author: Deborah Goza, MS, RN, COHNS, CCM
Editor: Lisa Perry