Water – Keep your body hydrated with water. Avoid sodas and alcohol which act like a diuretic and cause dehydration. Water is the most important thing for you to consume to keep you hydrated!

Salted Peanuts – This one actually goes with the water. When you’re drinking a lot of water, if you eat a salty snack along with it, your body is more likely to hold onto the water instead of sending it straight through you. The salt will also replace any salt your body is losing through sweat.

Watermelon – Sweet, delicious and refreshing.

Oranges – These provide a lot of hydration and of course, lots of vitamin C. Orange juice replenishes your body and stabilizes your “blood sugar” levels.

Berries – Berries are fresh, sweet and delicious during the summer, and there’s nothing like some ripe strawberries, blue berries or raspberries on a hot summer day.

Hot Dogs – They are a bit unhealthy but assist with keeping a worker’s hydration level up while working. So eat a couple, especially at the end of a day or before a work shift.

Hamburgers – These are best preferably at the end of the day. You can even add some avocado and fancy cheese (instead of mayo) to turn them into gourmet hamburgers.

Yogurt – Frozen yogurt is a popular choice on a hot day. Make sure it is kept in a cooler.

Pudding – If you don’t want to bring a cooler, but want a yogurt-like treat, try bringing some prepackaged pudding.

Popsicles – These come in long or short tubes and need to be frozen. They are one of the best hot weather snacks and inexpensive.

One thing that also helps is remembering not to eat large protein-rich meals. Hydration levels are often influenced by the amount of protein in your diet so an excess intake of protein can also lead to dehydration.

Author: Deborah Goza, MS, RN, COHNS, CCM
Editor: Lisa Perry