In today’s hectic world balance is essential in meeting expectations within the work place, in your home, and with your family. Maintaining your physical and mental health are a must and a work injury can throw your world spiraling out of control. Physically, mentally, financially, and socially the risks are high.
New horizons in behavioral health have incorporated body, mind, and spirit into clinic management and nurses are the key to this integrated approach. Age old concepts such as compassion, consciousness, communication and insight are needed to create positive and predictable outcomes. Focus on achievable goals and outcomes is imperative to bringing difficult clients and injuries into clear perspective so they don’t get stuck, develop behavioral issues and addictions leading to extended lost time and disability.
Onsite, field case management offers a comprehensive view of your claimant and injury as well as the provider’s driving the case. Statistically we have seen that many work place injuries can be linked to resentment of personal issues, life and relationship issues, medical or mental health, substance abuse, work performance problems, financial issues, ageing or disabled parents, spouses, or kids. Let’s face it, some claims are filed to cover a vacation or so grandma can stay home for the summer to watch the kids. A lack of understanding of how behavioral health is impacting your claims can be costly. Field case management nurses offer medical expertise but more importantly a hands on assessment, face to face communication, old school support and encouragement as well as a bird’s eye view to a claimant. Clarity provides the carrier the information needed to bring difficult cases to closure.
Reference: Nursing 2016 September VOL. 46 #9