Fatalities Bigger in Texas
As we all know Texas is a model state for Work Comp legislature. The below stats may not match what you think about Texas injuries but they are certainly ever so interesting. The Texas city with the most people and injuries is Houston with 15%, second is Dallas at 8% having half the population so they are close to equal in the total number of injuries. Texas has held the record for the most fatalities exceeding 100 in a year.
Top 6 Texas Work Industries with Highest Claims:
Educational Services at 11,736, Manufacturing at 11,405, Public Administration at 10,445, Admin and Support and Waste Management at 8,330, Construction at 8,149, Healthcare and Social Assistance at 6,468.
Top 10 Natures of Injury or Illness with Highest Claims:
Strains – 25,379/27.40%, Contusion with bruise on skin surface – 11,585/12.50%, Sprains – 8,252/8.90%, Fracture (break of bone or cartilage) – 8,125/8.80%, Laceration – 6,125/6.60%, Multiple physical injuries – 2,613/2.80%, Inflammation – 1,768/1.90%, Dermatitis – 1,562/1.70%, Burn– 1,515/1.60%, Puncture – 1,465/1.60%.
Top 5 Texas Claims by Body Part Injured: Low Back Area – 10,037/10.80%, Knee – 8,122/8.80%, Fingers – 5,542/6%, Shoulders – 5,323/5.70%, Ankle – 4,367/4.70%.
8 Leading Causes of Workers Compensation Injuries in Texas: Strain by Lifting – 9,457/10.20%, Fall or Slip on same level – 5,804/6.3%, Pushing or Pulling – 3,843/4.1%, Fall or Slip from elevation –3,194/3.4%, Struck by falling/flying object – 3,156/3.4%, Collision or Sideswipe 2,380/2.6%, Strain by Twisting – 2,126/2.3%, Struck or injured by object being lifted or handled – 2,003/2.2%.
Statistics may not be exciting but they are the key to understanding the market you are working in.
Source: Claims where employers with employees missing at least 1 day of work. www.usworkerscomp.com gathered this information from the Texas Department of Insurance claims query tool. All data is based on 92, 692 claims.