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Thromboembolism is a real threat after hip, pelvic, and large bone fractures and repairs as well as knee and hip replacements. A thromboembolism will also put the brakes on any RTW plans as will the long need for anticoagulants should a clot DVT (deep vein thrombosis) develop. So when should anticoagulant therapy start

Workers’ Compensation has seen a steady increase in prescriptions for topical compounded preparations. In fact, the use of compounded drugs in workers’ compensation has increased nearly five-fold in the past five years. Along with increased use, the prices charged for compounds have risen dramatically. In recent years however, some compounding pharmacies have begun

It is shocking to think a radiologist can miss a fracture or, even worse, over read an X-ray or MRI and/or exaggerate what they see in the images. The fact is it is more prominent than we would like to think. Making sure an injured person is properly diagnosed and establishing an effective


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