Celebrities show up late or not at all to shows all the time, who recalls “No Show Jones”? George regularly backed out of concerts due to his habit with drinking and drugs. When a celebrity like Celine or Kanye cancels or delays their concert they get big headlines, however in business a no show of a crucial decision maker or presenter is no laughing matter. The same goes for medical appointments, when an injury patient no shows for their appt everyone loses. Patients who schedule clinic appointments and fail to keep them have a negative impact on patient care. The cumulative impact is huge. There are fees, delayed treatment, lost time, and transportation cancellation fees. Medications are now off refill schedule and everything now takes man power to fix. The clinic, vendors, carrier, and employer hit the phones to reschedule, move and plan again. No Shows are a red flag that there are issues and whether the cause is intentional or not the motives need to be addressed before complications have set in to extend the claim.
Let’s face it, the doctor sometimes is really the last person you want to see, however an injury patient has an obligation to help in their own recovery or their benefits will be challenged. Statistics show that patients miss fewer appointments if they are reminded of the date and time, if given an appointment card, and if they are invested in their recovering. There has to be accountability too, patients miss fewer appointments if they know someone is paying attention, and providing support and encouragement. A simple call to confirm attendance can save lost time and increase progress and outcomes. Compliance, cooperation and accountability are areas that a dedicated nurse case manager can make a big impact in by decreasing missed visits, no shows, addressing poor effort and reducing their related cost.
References: The Small Big by Martin, Goldstein & Cialdini.