Staff Profiles

We focus on recruiting top talent in the industry with a wide range of work experience.

  • Amanda Lyons - Corporate Services

    Amanda Lyons – Corporate Services

    Amanda joined ProActive Partners in 2012.

    A recent college graduate, Amanda brings an eagerness to learn and provides a fresh perspective. Her experience as an administrative assistant for a City Councilman provided an exhaustive platform for honing her skills as an efficient and effective organizer and multi-tasker.

    Amanda has been an integral part of ProActive’s recent system conversion. She provides internal support to our Nurse Case Managers and works diligently to ensure all new referrals are set up timely with accurate forms for our Case Managers.

    Amanda graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology.

  • Brandi Crawford - Case Management & Administrative Associate

    Brandi Crawford – Case Management & Administrative Associate

    Brandi joined ProActive Partners in May 2018 as a Case Management & Administrative Associate.

    Brandi is a welcomed team member with a wide range of experience. She started in the case management industry supporting Nurse Case Managers, Supervisors, C-Level Executives in the role of Regional Administrator for 12 years. Brandi left the industry to try some other avenues of opportunities that provided valuable experience working with a team and helping them grow. After these experiences, she realized she wanted to revisit the Worker’s Compensation industry.

    Brandi is a native Texan. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her favorite charities, along with spending time with family and friends.

  • Claudia Lizarralde - Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Claudia Lizarralde – Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Claudia joined ProActive in July 2012 as a Bilingual Nurse Case Manager in the DFW Metroplex.

    During the early part of her nursing career, Claudia worked in SIC and CC Units, Trauma E.R., and Orthopedic surgery with joint replacement specialists. She then transferred into the case management area of nursing where she was able to “spread her wings” by; training new nurses in both Critical Care Units and case management, participated in case management marketing programs targeting prospective clients, and initiated educational materials/programs for joint replacement patients.

    Claudia’s adventurous spirit led her to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, when she took a 6-month contract in the ICU.

    She is originally from Colombia, South America. Spanish is her first language which she continues to write and speaks fluently.

    Claudia graduated from the San Antonio College of Nursing in 1984 with an Associate Degree in Nursing.

  • Dahni Bloomfield - Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Dahni Bloomfield – Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Dahni Bloomfield joined ProActive Partners in April 2009 as a Nurse Case Manager as we expanded into the Houston area.

    Dahni brings a wide range of experience including; case management, orthopedics, neuro sciences, gero-psychiatric nursing, and maternal child health. She worked for many years providing pre and post op care for orthopedic/surgical patients and for patients on a Neuro-Science Unit. In addition, she has worked with adolescents in a residential treatment facility.

    The occupational injury claims she’s handled have fallen under a variety of jurisdictions including: DWC, Longshore, Jones Act, DOL, self-insured, and Nonsubscriber. Her experience as the liaison between the adjuster, physician, employer and injured worker embodies our belief that the team approach results in the best possible outcome for both the employer and the injured worker. Dahni’s experience, ethics, and commitment to her clients makes her an exceptional nurse case manager.

    Dahni earned her Associates Degree in Nursing from San Jacinto College and has both her CCM Certification and RN license.

    Dahni is based in Houston. She provides field case management across Southeast Texas which includes Greater Houston, Beaumont, Bryan, College Station, Freeport, Galveston, Huntsville, and Lufkin.

  • Diane Rodriguez - Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Diane Rodriguez – Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (RN, CCM)

    Diane joined ProActive Partners in September 2013 as a part-time Bilingual Nurse Case Manager.

    Her early nursing experience included being the staff nurse on a Medical Surgical Unit, and working in the Orthopedics, Urology, Plastics, GI, and Pulmonary Units. She also completed a rotation through the Operating Room as a scrub nurse. After leaving the hospital she specialized in field case management of HIV, HEP, and chronic infectious diseases working on medical trials and experimental drugs. As you can imagine working with HIV & AIDS lead to a lot of hospice care. After a few years Diane moved to case management in homecare services for Medicare and Medicaid. For the past 17 years Diane has worked in the case management field, for both Workers’ Compensation and Nonsubscriber claims. She has practiced in Catastrophic Case management including multiple-trauma, orthopedics, spinal cord and brain injuries over 10 years.

    Diane has also done Home Assessments for Long Term Disability and Post Catastrophic Incident Crisis Counseling for both employers and employees. Her goal to facilitate cost effective treatment and timely medical interventions for work injuries through patient education and support, by coordinating efforts between the insurance carrier, employer, patient, therapist, doctors, and clinics contributes to her success as a case manager.

    Diane graduated from Brookhaven College with an Associate Degree in Nursing and has been a Certified Case Manager since 2006.

  • Ivonne Stokes – Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (BSN, RN, CCM)

    Ivonne Stokes – Bilingual Nurse Case Manager (BSN, RN, CCM)

    Ivonne Stokes joined ProActive Partners in August 2014 as a Bilingual Nurse Case Manager in the DFW area.

    Ivonne has over 26 years’ experience as a professional Registered Nurse. She began her nursing career working as a pediatric nurse including newborn nursery and NICU. She then worked with the March of Dimes grant at John Peter Smith Hospital where she was involved in community outreach and patient education with the goal of decreasing infant mortality rates. Ivonne was also the night supervisor at a sub-acute rehabilitation hospital in Irving and participated in leading employee health events. She enjoys the teaching aspect of nursing and has been involved with health events and screenings, as well as, health coaching.

    Ivonne has extensive experience as a case manager working traditional Workers’ Compensation and Nonsubscriber cases. She understands the importance of a holistic approach in managing her cases which allows her to develop a good rapport with the employees and medical team to bring resolution to the file. Ivonne appreciates the importance of being available to answer questions and assist in resolving issues for the employee, employer, and accounts.

    Ivonne graduated with a BS in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington and has been a Certified Case Manager since 2006.

  • Karen Mayfield - Account Manager

    Karen Mayfield – Account Manager

    Kären Mayfield joined ProActive Partners in May 2016 as our Account Manager.

    Kären has over 23 years of experience as an Account Manager selling various managed care products and services in the Worker’s Compensation, Liability, and Nonsubscriber industries. She has a proven track record of building strong relationships with customers and a reputation for providing superior customer service. Her comprehensive understanding of the claim’s environment, her integrity and positive attitude contribute to her success as an Account Manager.

    Kären graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a minor in Business Marketing.

  • Marianne McLemore - Nurse Case Manager (BSN, RN, CCM)

    Marianne McLemore – Nurse Case Manager (BSN, RN, CCM)

    Marianne joined ProActive Partners in July 2014.

    Marianne has been a licensed RN for 35 years. Her initial nursing experience was as a Cancer Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston, she then worked in the Home Health field. Recognizing a need for Quality Assurance protocols for Home Health IV programs, Marianne developed, implemented, and taught two programs for a Home Health Agency, which helped them grow from 1 small office to 12 large offices covering East and much of Central Texas. After 10 years in this field and “thinking outside of the box”, Marianne made the transition to worker’s compensation, which seemed a very natural fit for her.

    She has worked as a Nurse Case Manager for 16 years, as both Field and Telephonic, and as a nursing supervisor. Marianne believes that working as a team, with an emphasis upon frequent communication with the physician, injured worker and their families, adjuster, and employer, is a proven way to ensure the best possible patient outcomes for the least cost. In pursuit of those goals she is diligent and persistent.

    Marianne earned her Associate Degree at San Jacinto College and BSN at the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. Marianne initially obtained her CCM in 1991 and discontinued it in 2002 when changing fields. She became CCM certified again in 2011.