We always care about the feedback from our customers. Here are some recommendations we have received in the past.



    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please accept this letter as my professional recommendation for Proactive Partners. I’ve had the pleasure to work with ProActive Partners for over two years. My initial encounter with ProActive Partners was in June 2014 while working as a Senior Adjuster at Sedgwick Claims Management. Proactive Partners worked on the majority of my claims. The nurses were aggressive, proactive, knowledgeable and very dependable. I was impressed with Proactive Partners and my Client was impressed with them as well. They were so impressed with Proactive Partners, that the Client made them the preferred vendor on their account.

    As an adjuster, Proactive Partners worked with me as a team while handling my claims. They live up to their name – PROACTIVE. The case managers would send me updates when anything changed in the claim and when they saw anything concerning or the treatment starting to go into the wrong direction, their aggressiveness and trust that they build with the claimant and/or doctors would help stir the claim back into the right direction so that the claimant can receive the necessary and proper care while minimizing the cost of medical and disability exposure.

    I am pleased to recommend ProActive Partners because my experience with their services was absolutely exceptional. The nurses are very knowledgeable, reliable, consistent, professional, caring, and proactive. They understand workers compensation and their goal is always to have the best outcome of each claim which includes getting the claimant proper treatment while bringing the claimant back to work and minimizing the cost of the claim. They consistently made a significantly positive impact to each one of my claims. It is without reservation that I strongly recommend the telephonic and field case management services ProActive provides to anyone needing very knowledgeable, aggressive case managers that care for the claimant and the client and gets the best outcome on each claim, and I feel confident that your company will be just as impressed!


    Kamita Jones
    Regional Account Executive

  • Snelling


    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please let this letter serve as a recommendation for the case management services of ProActive Partners. I first had the pleasure of working with ProActive Partners in 2014 while serving as the Claims Manager for Caprock Claims Management, LLC.

    I was so impressed with the nurses that when I moved to Snelling, I immediately looked to continue the relationship and have them as the designated nurse case management provider on our Workers’ Compensation Program. I have found that the nurses through ProActive Partners are more effective and have not only saved the company money in nursing fees and medical costs; they have helped shorten the disability days of our employees. They’re able to facilitate the appropriate care and concern to our injured employees while still being professional and proactive. As a nationwide company, ProActive Partners has been able to provide myself, the injured employees and the claims adjusters the same knowledge, consistency, and professionalism in every state. I can always count on an update from ProActive Partners after the exam, with the results of the exam and an action plan along with date and time of the next exam.

    Based on my experience and excellent results I would strongly recommend ProActive Partners to any employer who is looking for an exceptional nurse case management company to help in the management of worker’s compensation claims.


    Travis Brewton
    Safety and Risk Claims Administrator


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter to recommend the services of ProActive Partners. I was first introduced to ProActive Partners through the Lockton Companies in 2016 as part of the BIRM Project and have continued to rely on their telephonic case management services for our workers compensation claims.

    I have found the nurses at ProActive Partners to be well-informed with different state laws and very effective in their communications with our injured workers, medical providers, and adjusters. The nurse case managers are persistent in scheduling appointments and obtaining medical records. They are empathetic with our injured workers and thorough in their reports to the adjusters and me. Finally, the nurses have not only saved money in nursing fees and medical costs but they have also helped to decrease the injured workers’ lost time. They are an invaluable resource to

    ProActive Partners is always prompt with comprehensive updates following an injured worker’s appointment or surgery. They provide me with the status and results of diagnostic tests and will assist with questions for independent medical examiners. They are highly dedicated and work long hours on our behalf.

    In addition, the nurses at ProActive Partners are highly skilled in recognizing
    biopsychosocial issues that may delay an injured worker’s recovery. They will take swift action to engage the treating physician so the doctor can make the appropriate referrals for cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapy engages the injured worker in identifying and taking responsibility for his/her care and recovery.

    I recommend ProActive Partners without reservation to any employer looking for a quality nurse case management company. I am confident they will make a significant difference in the management of your workers compensation claims.


    Mary Base
    Injury Specialist

  • Transportation Company

    Transportation Company

    Please let this letter serve as a recommendation for the case management services of ProActive Partners. I was introduced to ProActive Partners over 10 years ago while working for the Hertz Corporation. At first, I gave them a few files to see how well they would do, and I quickly realized how fantastic this company was and brought them on as the only authorized telephonic nurse case management vendor to be used in our workers compensation program.

    ProActive is so good at what they do that when I recently came on board at [this company], I immediately brought them into the current workers compensation program here. I have found that the telephonic nurses have been more effective than field nurse case management and they have not only saved the company money on nursing fees, they have help to shorten the disability days of our employees. They are able to provide comfort, concern and care to our injured workers while staying firm with the compliance of the employer’s workers compensation program as well as state laws. As a nationwide company, consistency is important and ProActive Partners provides the same consistent service in every state. Our location contacts, the claims adjuster, and I can always count on getting an update immediately after a doctor’s visit with an action plan and the next appointment date. The telephonic services of ProActive Partners are far more superior to any field case management service I have ever used. I strongly recommend to any employer that is skeptical of using telephonic over field case management to just give ProActive Partners a try. They will be very happy with the service provided and I am confident they will make them part of their risk management protocol.


    Workers Compensation Manager
    Transportation Company