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Celebrities show up late or not at all to shows all the time, who recalls “No Show Jones”? George regularly backed out of concerts due to his habit with drinking and drugs. When a celebrity like Celine or Kanye cancels or delays their concert they get big headlines, however in business a no

Suffering from a toothaches, a South Carolina woman headed to her local ER a few months ago. The doctor there responded by administering Dilaudid, a powerful intramuscular narcotic typically reserved for cancer-related pain. Why, his nurse queried, was he killing a flea with a sledgehammer? Afraid of malpractice? No, the doc replied, Press

The last 3 cases I worked had pre-existing injuries 1-2 years prior to the current claims, identical complaints and medical findings. Clearly pre-existing? This led me to do some research in an attempt to help determine what is compensable. OSHA Section 1904.5 Determination of work-relatedness, paragraph (b) (4) (reference below), the final rule


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